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paris for dangerously hot temperatures -- prepares for dangerously high temperatures. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's monday, july 18. i am jennifer donelan. >> i am pamela brown. we want to begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. a lot to talk about. >> here we go again. we will crank up the heat and humidity this week, especially by thursday. towards the end of the workweek to bleeding into the upcoming weekend, pool weather. right now, not bad. 66 in leesburg, brunswick and 66.
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70 la plata. 68 in berryville. huntingtown at 70. muggy day, high temperature of 93. a lot of sunshine. the best chance of storms all weakest tomorrow. in the morning and afternoon and evening. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow high temperatures in the low to mid 90's. near 100 degrees on thursday for the afternoon high temperature. 101 by friday with intense humidity. now the commute. starting with a look tax 270 near run109 looks pretty good. in springfield, traffic moving smoothly. southbound look good even across the occoquan river. up to the 14th street bridge on 395, in good shape. the road or ground the beltway and has been cleared. starting in good shape for this
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monday morning. back to you. >> thank you. we want to begin this morning with a heat wave headed our way. dangerously hot weather and is moving to our area later this week. >> some cities are feeling the effect already of the brutal conditions. brianne carter joins us from the national mall with what we can expect. >> good morning. starting to feel some relief from last week's heat and your ego again. the system over the midwest will soon be headed our direction. dangerous temperatures. there are heat advisory and warnings in 17 states. from texas to michigan. people are doing all they can beat the heat. sunday in oklahoma city, another day of 100 degrees the 27 day this year the city has climbed to 100 or above. the unrelenting weather is
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supposed to stick around throughout the week. doctors and emergency officials are warning everyone to take precautions. >> this is the worst part of heatstroke where people's temperatures are getting over 103 degrees and they're not capable of maintaining a normal temperature. >> after the heat we have had already this summer, this is the last thing people wanted to hear in the washington region. getting ready to move toward those days of a triple digits and heat indexes even higher, especially when it comes on the weekend when people are outside. they will be looking for a way to stay cool. reporting live from the national mall, brianne carter. >> you can look the latest forecasts 24 hours a day on our website, new this morning developing news, firefighters scrambling to douse the flames
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after a fire at a low club in southeast washington. it started around 3:30 this morning. jummy olabanji is live on the scene with the latest developments. this involves several boats. >> anywhere from between four to five. \ firefighters still have this area blocked off, not even letting some of the owners go down to the area. what we are told is this started just before 3:00 this morning. firefighters were called to the area for reports of a fire. when they got here there was heavy smoke and flames and even visible from pennsylvania avenue in southeast washington. most of the boats were already destroyed when they got here. bill's boat was destroyed. he was awakened by a phone call
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from a friend, that is boat was on fire. he was told this was started on one of the boats and because they are also close in proximity, the flames were jumping from boat to boat. investigators are still here on the scene trying to determine exactly if how the fire started and where it started. there are no injuries. reporting live in southeast jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. is search is under way for the person who shot a 14-year- old boy in southeast d.c. at around 10:00 last night in the 3200 block of stanton road. the victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. no word on his identity or what led to the shooting. two people died when a tour bus headed from washington to niagara falls crashed in western new york. 35 people were injured. a tire blowout made of cotton the driver to lose control and
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crash on interstate 390 near rochester. the bus is owned by a tour company located in buffalo. today president obama will nominate ohio's former attorney general to lead a new consumer protection bureau. the bureau will begin its oversight on july 21. its goal is to closely watch over mortgages, credit cards and other forms of lending. a new chapter begins today in afghanistan. general petraeus will relinquish
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his post to lieutenant-general john allen. general petraeus will retire at the end of august and start his new job as head of the cia on september 5. nato prepares to hand over provincial security to afghan forces. temperatures holding at 71 degrees, 5;06. >> speculation begins after the acquitted florida mother casey anthony please tell -- leaves jail. >> a morale boost for the nation that has been in mourning for months. it comes at the expense of the
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5:10. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey is the bearer of bad news for this week. >> if you love 100 degrees, i guess you will love my forecast. by the end of the week and into the weekend we will be around the century mark. 101 or 102 is not out of the question. 74 degrees downtown right now. that's typical for july. 72 in winchester and gaithersburg. culpeper at 64 degrees. clear skies overhead in the metro area. up to our northwest, left over cloud cover from diminishing a thunderstorm complex over michigan and canada.
5:11 am
we could get some left over clouds later this midday and into the afternoon. mostly sunny. 93 today for the high temperature. toward the end of the week is when we get above the century mark. we will talk about that, coming up. we will take a look at the northbound lanes of 395, leaving shirlington, nothing in the way. getting a good start up from the springfield interchange to the 14th street bridge. but there's a broken-down vehicles on northbound 95 in hov lanes near dale city. not causing much of a problem. moving smoothly all the way up from springfield. adding to the beltway and near colesville road in silver spring looking good. inner loop and outer loop, earlier construction at new hampshire avenue and was picked up and everything is open with no delays. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11 71 degrees. >> coming up on this monday morning, the shots fired on the
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south american subway train believes two passengers dead. >> an arrest and the resignation in the wake of the phone hacking scandal surrounding rupert murdoch, the media mogul. >> an internet site that you visit every day that could woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to samo some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there'sn@n@easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or momore on caininsurance.
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texting our top stories at 5:14. people are wondering where casey anthony is a day after she walked out of a florida jail after nearly three years behind bars. she sped away reportedly to a complain-- a plane owned by one of her attorneys. a gunman shot two teenagers in bladensburg. the victims were shot at the ottawa the apartment complex on 57th avenue.
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they are expected to survive. police believe its attemptthe result of an attempted robbery. a + crashed in western new york. it may have been the results of a tire blowout. -- a tour bus crashed. two people died when a gunman opened fire on a subway train in santiago, chile. the man boarded the train and started shooting. he killed himself after killing those passengers. been done capitol hill, a republican plan is set for a house vote tomorrow. now a preview. >> cut, cap and balance. house republicans are expected to pass if such a bill as a
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prerequisite to raising the debt ceiling. >> that will get us out of debt over a long period of time and have a balanced budget amendment to stay out of that. i think that will be the republican position. >> cuts would slash federal spending, bring down the $1.50 trillion deficit expected this year. a cap would mean limiting federal spending to 18% of the gdp. and balance would come by way of a constitutional balanced budget amendment. none of that is likely to happen ahead of the august 2 deadline for raising the debt limit. and the senate is not likely to approve its own such a bill. lawmakers heading into another week of talks. >> there are substantial discussions going on in the senate between the two leaders to make sure that at a minimum congress as a way to take action and avoid default on the u.s.? . it is critical. >> i cannot think of another president who would have devoted
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that much time and patience trying to bring both sides together. ultimately the responsibility is ours. >> also on the table is a compromise plan by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell that would allow president obama to raise the nation's borrowing limit. there's more fallout from the british tabloid hacking scandal days after she resigned as head of rupert murdoch's british operations, police arrested rebekah brooks. hours later london's top, quit his job. london's police commissioner resigned because of speculation about his links with a former editor at the news of the world" tabloid. >> i have no knowledge as to the extent of this disgraceful tactic and the selection of victims. >> rupert murdoch's and his son will answer questions from british lawmakers tomorrow.
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the british parliament may delay its summer break so the prime minister can brief lawmakers on this growing scandal. the republican presidential campaign is going high-tech. the candidates will meet for the first presidential debate to be held solely it through twitter this week. the event is sponsored by the tea party. michelle bachmann, tim pawlenty among others, starting at 3:00 p.m. on wednesday. technology jobs are high to right now, but not in all fields. >> no more. >> wireless could mean jobless. consumers may be lining up to purchase smartphone, a tablet computers, and applications but employment in the wireless industry is shrinking. there are 20,000 fewer jobs from a few years ago the result of consolidation outsourcing, and productivity. commuters in several u.s. cities
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will now be able to charge their devices at the bus stop thanks to ads from vitamin water. they are equipped with u.s. seaports to plug the benefits of the energy drink. starting stations can be found in new york, los angeles boston, chicago. samsung has been offering the service at airports. using a search engine can affect your memory. people are less likely to remember information if they know they can easily access and online -- access it online. time traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey joining us. this week is not going to be good. >> we are talking 100 degrees and a heat index much tighter by the end of this week into the weekend. let's get started first with our temperatures right now. not so bad typical july weather in washington.
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74 right now downtown, 71 at dulles airport, 69 in martinsburg. 64 in cumberland. 74 in annapolis along the water. d.c. on the lower right side of your screen, clear skies to start. typical july heat. there's a sense from complex falling apart over michigan and parts of canada. some of the left over clouds may drift overhead later on today. scattered high, thin clouds. tropical storm brett in the caribbean. not the most oppressive system. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour. as we put this in motion, the tracks years away from the u.s. away from the caribbean and away from the mamas and keeps it out to sea and pushes it closer to
5:21 am
bermuda, later on this week as a tropical storm, not expected to become a hurricane. 93 and sunny today. you will still the humidity. the best chance of storms all week is tomorrow. scattered storms, temperatures in the low to mid 90's again. heat and humidity thursday through saturday arouny. it will feel like about 112 degrees by friday. that's what it will feel like on friday when you factor in the humidity. best chance of storms is tomorrow and a slight chance again on wednesday. now to jim russ. this is the beltway at branch avenue. in a fairly good shape so far. no construction or accidents to report. on the beltway at university boulevard, traffic is looking good getting through the construction at university and new hampshire. in hyattstown, 270 no delays.
5:22 am
95 notes bounce out of woodbrige headed to the beltway normal. constructed around tysons corner has cleared up for the morning. back to you. >> thank you. we have 71 degrees on this monday. >> coming up, a dramatic end to the world cup. the u.s. and in japan go to a penalty kick shootout but its destiny could only smile on one team. >> it was not us. today on "oprah," a landmark interview with the president and first lady, 4:00 on abc 7.
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after another nail biter, soccer is crowned its world champion sunday in germany. >> the game between the women of the u.s. and those of the japan came down to a series of penalty kicks. now look back. >> japan's victory over the u.s. capped an emotional bond for the perennial underdogs. the japanese upsets local and favorites germany and sweden to reach the finals, all the while trying to heal a wounded nation. back home, nervous fans stayed up to include on their beloved team. the games started at 3:45 on a monday morning. the fans were cheering again getting the victory they waited so long for. never giving up, that attitude is just what their country needs, this man says.
5:26 am
an elementary school coach says that he has no words. they have inspired the country after disaster. four months since the earthquake and tsunami killed 25,000 people. the players and dedicated speech came to those victims. in its final game day lifted the nation once again. -- in their final game, they have lifted the nation once again. >> that was good to sing. it's heartbreaking for us, but good news for japan. 71 degrees on this monday. >> the news continues at 5:30. why the white house party crashers are due in court in northern virginia this morning. >> and the heat is on and the worst is yet to come. what we will expect, coming up.
5:27 am
>> adam caskey in the weather center. temperatures are typical for july.
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live and itlive and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> much of the nation is dealing with intense heat and now bracing for brutally high and dangerous temperatures. good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this monday, july 18. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. >> get ready for heat and humidity today. typical july heat for the first
5:30 am
half of the week with highs in the low to mid 90's. dangerous levels by the end of the week and into the weekend. 74 degrees in arlington this morning. berkeley springs, 65. 66 in stafford. 70 in clarksburg. 93 for the high temperature. hyde and sunny today with a few isolated clouds. = = -- hot and sunny today. the best chance of storms this week is tomorrow. 93 for the high-temperature tomorrow. towards the end of the week, 100 by friday and the heat index value near 112. now to jim. there's an accident south of white oak. new hampshire ave at lockwood drive, southbound traffic affected south of route 129. one lane getting by to the right. otherwise, in pretty good shape
5:31 am
around the beltway, no accidents. that includes university boulevard. 95 looks good and getting out of woodbridge and headed towards the beltway. construction at tysons corner has cleared up. developing news. if i racine. four boats and deck caught fire at the washington boat club at d.c.'s southeast marina. -- a fiery scene. this was a long anacostia river. still no word on what caused the blaze. the damage is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. now there is concern about leaking fuel. we will have the latest in a live report from jummy olabanji later in the newscast. we begin with the heat wave that is headed our way. dangerously hot weather is moving into our area this week. some cities are feeling the effects of the brutal conditions already. brianne carter joins us from the
5:32 am
national mall with what we can expect. >> good morning. it's hard to believe that we are already talking once again about sweltering heat. many people this weekend were able to open the windows to get a fresh breeze and feel the cool air on the weekend. but now prepare yourself because the heat is back on. residents in the midwest are dealing with this brutal heat wave already. mother nature's unrelenting heat wave is making it miserable outdoors for millions. >> it is muggy. >> according temperatures in the midwest, residents looking for relief any way they can. in chicago people try to cool off were attacking the beaches. -- packing the beaches. heat advisory and warnings in 17 states from texas to michigan. temperature is topped 100 in five of those states. >> altering.
5:33 am
>> we will soon be feeling the pain. that same system is headed east. the later we get into the week, the worse it's going to get. dangerous temperatures. up to pick 100 with heat indexes even worse than that. emergency officials doctors warning everyone to take precautions. live along the national mall, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> you can take a look of the latest forecasts 24 hours per day. go to our web site one of the suspects in the shooting at last month's caribbean festival in d.c. is scheduled to be in a courtroom for a preliminary hearing. the 19-year-old jimenez is charged with killing robert foster. foster was an innocent bystander. two openother people were also
5:34 am
charged. there's a report that the law he' -- the salahis were paid by a woman for a california wine store. they never showed up and down they are suing the couple for their money. casey anthony was whisked away from jail and boarded a private plane that was believed to be owned by her attorney's acquaintance. it was parked at a small airport near san francisco but it's anyone's guess as to the whereabouts of casey anthony. >> after 1054 days in jail, casey anthony was released, a free woman but forever connected to and what so many outside the jail believe was an unspeakable crime. if they believe she murdered her
5:35 am
two-year-old daughter caylee. >> his hiding a terrible secret. we are talking about a child. >> anthony was expressionless as she whispered thank you to an officer. then she sped off in an suv. >> i thought she would have showed more emotion going out. she was very plain-faced. >> her face was in regular rotation on cable crime shows for three years and many were convinced of her guilt and anguished by the acquittal. >> i believe justice was not done. >> her defense team believes their client could be in danger. she refused to allow her mother to visit her in jail. but her parents are not ruling out our union. -- out a reunion.
5:36 am
she made her way to a small prop plane registered to one of returnees, destination unknown. she walked out of jail with $500 in her pocket. that may change soon. she stands to make as much as a million dollars if she decides to sell her story. abc news, orlando. 71 degrees, 5:36. >> vandals strike another montgomery county middle school on the weekend. we have the latest on the incident. police are investigating these as hate crimes. >> an emotional tribute 15 years later. how family and friends honor the victims of twa flight 800. >> live pictures of washington
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i.t. to visual arts asked siat mark center in adams morgan -- i teach the visual arts. at sitar arts center in adams morgan. we teach students infants all the way through adults. good morning, washington. adam caskey has the great
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news. >> our electric bills will skyrocket. you have to keep the air conditioner current. there is the naval academy looking out over the severn river. 74 degrees along the water. 74 at reagan national. 71 at dulles airport 72 in winchester 69 in martinsburg. not a bad start today. typical july heat. but by the end of the week is when we'd get near the century mark by thursday and friday. mostly sunny skies today to start the day. left over cloud cover from diminishing thunderstorms in michigan and canada will push our way. we will have a few high, thin clouds later on today. 93 today. best chance of storms all weakest tomorrow at 93 degrees.
5:41 am
a few scattered storms throughout the entire day possible on tuesday. -- best chance of storms all week is tomorrow. is an accident on new hampshire avenue and lockwood drive. the beltway at silver spring on this picture, and no delays getting through the construction zone. all lanes open. we will try to get to a picture of new hampshire and lockwood, a track to getting through a single file to the right. new hampshire in pretty good shape otherwise. no delays at the accident scene. on 95 in springfield expect to find a lanes open. looks pretty decent up toward the beltway from woodbrige. 66 in good shape. the beltway west of town. overnight construction in tysons has been cleared up and the lanes are open once again. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41 on this monday.
5:42 am
>> there's a controversial decision by a restaurant to ban children. >> first and new tsa controversy, but this time a passenger is accused of improperly touching a
5:43 am
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5:45 am
investigators believe vandalism incidents at two my stomach county schools are related. someone painted ethnically offensive comments and sexual images last week. president obama and congressional leaders are not scheduled to meet today to work on a deal aimed at reducing the nation that. the house and senate are working on plans to prevent the u.s. from defaulting on its debt early next month. there's more fallout from the british tabloid hacking scandal. police arrested former news of
5:46 am
the world" ataturk rebekah brooks and london's police commissioner resigned because of speculation about his ties to the former editor at the tabloid. an emotional tribute to the victims of a plane crash that happened 15 years ago. friends and family members gathered on a new york speech yesterday for a memorial service for those who died on twa flight 800 on july 17, 1996. the plane exploded in mid-air and killed 230 people. a bizarre incident at an arizona airport landed an irate passenger in handcuffs. 61-year-old yukari miyamae is charged with sex abuse after police say that she groped and tsa agents last thursday at sky harbor airport in phoenix. the colorado woman became argumentative when asked to go through a checkpoint and then see allegedly turned around and squeezed the agent's breast.
5:47 am
a massive hailstorm in denver grounded more than 100 flights on the weekend. united cancelled 13 flights to inspect the plans for damage at denver international. southwest said three of its planes were damaged by hail. the crew aboard the space shuttle atlantis received a fitting wake up call on sunday. ♪ celebrate the good times con on ♪ >> the astronauts are preparing for their final flight home. on sunday they spent the afternoon storing their gear. atlantis will undock from the space and tomorrow and is expected to land at cape canaveral on thursday. >> that song would wake anyone up > this weekend was all about harry potter. the new movie set in the box office record. the money has not stopped
5:48 am
rolling in since midnight on friday. "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2" brought in $168 million in its first three days. that was just in the united states. previously the batman movie "the dark knight" held the previous record at $158 million. sunday, traffic was moving smoothly along the infamous 405 in los angeles. drivers prepared for the carmageddon on the weekend when a 10 mile stretch of highway shutdown. despite the warnings of the worst, there were no major problems during the closure. 5:48, time for traffic and weather. >> i was not one of the people that contributed to the box office record, because i thought it was a crime to be in a movie theaters this weekend. >> it was so nice. >> temperatures in the 80's in afternoon. people were opening their
5:49 am
windows at night. >> it was so nice, and short- lived. >> unfortunately, it always is. best july in washington. there's going to be a change this week. >> we will be inside in the air conditioning for most of the week. >> or you could go to the beach. outside right now, mostly sunny skies in laurel. 72 at laurel. 74 at annapolis and in the district. 71 at dulles airport. 68 in gaithersburg, typical july heat. pretty comfortable from manassas down to orange, virginia, 64 degrees. tropical storm bret, 65 miles north west of the bahamas. maximum sustained winds of 55 miles an hour. that is still a tropical storm.
5:50 am
it's getting steered away from the u.s. and moving out to sea. it could pose a threat to bermuda, but it should remain a tropical storm through most of its existence in the forecasted past -- path. we will have some clouds rolling in later today. 93 for the high temperature. typical july heat. similar temperatures tomorrow. you will feel a little heat and humidity. tomorrow is the best chance of thunderstorms all week long. and in the morning and afternoon and evening. scattered storms possible, off and on throughout the day tomorrow, cries in the low to mid 90's. -- highs in the low to mid 90's. friday it will feel like 112 degrees with the humidity.
5:51 am
pool whether by the end of the week. now to and jim for a look at the commute. accident on new hampshire avenue south of white oak at loch lloyd drive. southbound traffic coming toward the bottom of the screen with only one lane getting by. not much of a delay. from college park and silver spring no delays. this is getting past the war zone at the university boulevard, looks pretty decent -- a work zone. hyattstown traffic is heavy getting past 109, only a brief delay. virginia 95, 395 66, and the beltway west of town off to a pretty good start. back to you. >> thank you. getting casey anthony's story may not bring in the big
5:52 am
bucks. crossandra debt talks continue. linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. gold prices look that closely trading under $1,600 per ounce. some americans see that as a safe haven while lawmakers try to figure out ways to raise the debt limit. analysts forecast that gold prices will surge as high as $5,000 per ounce by 2020. it is made headlines nearly every day, the casey anthony murder trial. free from jail now media outlets may be willing to pay big bucks for her story. 17% of people would welcome her account of the events leading to the not guilty verdict after she faced charges of killing her daughter.
5:53 am
as for tv, 82% of those surveyed would not watch any tv program in which casey anthony was set to appear. participants in the survey say they would look unfavorably on a tv networks that would be involved in such a deal with casey anthony. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 71 degrees outside.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back. here are some stories trending on a murder suspect is now back in custody. the women have lost to japan in the world cup of soccer. and harry potter setting box office records. we apparently have an official drink. >> d.c. officials said today unveiled a new drink called the rickey. >> it was invented at shoemaker's, a popular hangout in 1800's. it's now at the j.w. marriott hotel. gin or whiskey fresh lime juice and club soda. t >>
5:57 am
a pennsylvania restaurant is banning children from eating there. signs are posted at children under 69 at restaurant near pittsburgh. the restaurant owner says that he's enforcing the policy because of requests from customers. >> last night was the biggest night in our history people showing support for the new policy. >> not everyone was supporting. some families say they would like to take their whole family out to dinner at the restaurant, including kidskin. it will be interesting to see if the break- even. there's still lots more coming up in our next half-hour. >> a new study looks at which family members your children are most safe with behind the wheel. >> a fire at a d.c. marina has damaged several boats. we will hear from one of the boat's owners.
5:58 am
>> jim russ will help you navigate your monday morning commute. traffic and weather and "good morning washington"
5:59 am
breaking news, several boats and burned during an overnight star in the district. >> and a bus crash killed the two people and injured dozens more.

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